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MMA Pan Asia Fund Management seeks superior risk-adjusted returns by constructing a relatively concentrated portfolio of our very best ideas in sectors that we know very well. Our focus is primarily in the technology and industrial sectors. Most of our investments are in the Greater China area, but we will invest opportunistically in other market (e.g. in the US) when the opportunity presents itself.
Our investment process is based on fundamental research, where we are constantly searching for the next great investment idea that will outperform the market, both on the long and short sides. We are sector specialists. We do not invest in many ideas, but are very selective in the particular idea or investment theme that we actually take a position in. We believe that a relatively concentrated position of our very best ideas will generate the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors.
Our ideas tend to be contrarian, in sectors that we know extremely well. We are always on the lookout for the next great investment theme, whether this theme is driven by medium and longer-term technological change, or driven by long term underlying economic and structural trends.
We have a strong work ethic. We believe that innovative research has to be combined with discipline and hard work in order to achieve the best possible investment result.
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