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Our Value Proposition
MMA Is A Stock Picker via Thorough Fundamental Research
Our investment team analyze global technology and industrial trends and interconnection of value chain.  We can generate strong alpha by identifying contrarian and under-covered themes that are overlooked by the markets. We monitor catalysts and pick entry point where discrepancy between expectation and reality is large, giving us strong margin of safety. 
MMA Manages Market Volatility by Active Trading and Macro Hedges
We trade actively in order to increase the available set of investment opportunities, and to manage short term market volatility. Both research and trading are integral parts of the investment process, and both generate alpha.
  MMA Runs A Consistent and Disciplined Investment Process
We have a consistent investment philosophy and investment process that is implemented throughout the firm. Each investment decision follows the same process. We believe that a disciplined approach to the investment process is crucial to consistent investment success.



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The Team

Executive Summary

Our Value Proposition

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